EVTV "Build Your Dream EV" Contest Original Writeup

I have purchased a 1973 Porsche 914 for my EV project. The car is in very good running condition and is licensed as an everyday driver. Custom license plate EVSMILE To start the project I have equipped the car with low roll resistant tires (45 psi) and Fuch rims. Rebuilt every single component of the braking system including larger master cylinder and larger calipers and pads. I run St. Michaels Winery located about 1.5 miles from my home. (Yeah I know I should walk run or ride a bike to work but...) We also have a warehouse about 5 miles from my house and the nearest big town with Lowes / Target is 12 miles away.

So the EV will serve my needs extremely well. But wait a minute. My wife Lori Cuthbert is the Editor and Chief of Discovery Channel's online science news site -DiscoveryNews.com. (Yes I am dropping names and doing everything I can to win this sucker.) Lori works in her home office four days a week in St. Michaels Maryland but one day a week she has a 170 mile round trip commute to the mother ship Discovery channel near Washington DC in Silver Spring Maryland. So I want to build a car that she can use for this commute. My idea is to build a practical long commute car that will serve to begin to eat away at the range anxiety issue. So - I will probably add more batteries to the project which I am more than happy to fund. Also assuming car can charge all day at Discovery. Ideally on display in the lobby.

Yes before the winery I was a video producer for Discovery happy to pitch this build to them and the use of the commute as a show. Another thing that excites me is to improve the everyday drive-ability of the ICE 914 by adding air conditioning. Your struggles with the Mini air conditioning and the fact the speedster is only a fair weather car prompted this train of thought. The 914 has the hard targa top so essentially converts into a hard top with a very small area of air to condition. It is Hot and Muggy in the DC area in the summer. Of course running the air will mean even more battery power for the 1.5 hour commute. So that is the dream. A classic 914 that performs as well or better than the original. Adds significant creature comfort and has a very respectable range. Of course I have already added a nice Sony radio with blue tooth and USB ports front and back. Thought about the video screen but passed it up because when my 7 year old son rides in the car I want him to look out the window not at the screen and the 914 has excellent rear vision. Cheers Mark

Major Media Connections Run a winery with a 30 AMP 220 plug out side and sign that says Reserved for Electric Car Parking. Successful Career in Major Media in my 30s (Discovery National Geographic NPR) Successful Career in Wine in my 40s - 47 this month. Plan on making a successful carreer in electric cars in my 50s - it is simply the right thing to do and Jack you are right the big auto manufacturers won't and can't get it right or fast enough. When I was in my teens I spent all my time putting headers and thrush mufflers and bigger carbs and cam shafts and intakes on V8s in muscle cars. It is my dream that my 7 year old boy when he is driving in 9 years is busy programming his charger and controller and experimenting with new batteries to get his hot rod going fast / better. Trouble shooting his electric car (and avoiding the hazards) will be just as second nature to him as it is to me when I look at the simple (no computer) gas engine in this old 914.

Electric Scooter Charging Outside Winery