June 12th, 2011 - EV 914 Parts Arrive

Okay, the parts for the EV 914 have been arriving. Most importantly the 60, 200 Amp Hr, GBS cells. These cells are delivered in "packs" of four. Tightly bound together with metal straps. Before ordering, I made up cardboard templates to see where I can fit all these batteries. One of the reasons I choose a Porsche 914 is all the potential room for batteries... and I am using every damn square inch. The remainder of this post is all about where the batteries go in the 914 "range monger."

First of all, the rear trunk, center, is one of the four packs of 200 amp Hr GBS batteries, the cardboard ones are my templates, plenty of room. Visible below is one of two adjustable shocks and struts to handle the aditional 700 lbs of weight. So, 12 cells in the rear trunk. Easy.

Okay, take out the spare tire (when is the last time you ever needed a spare tire??). And a nice stack of five four packs can fit in this space, the front trunk, yes two trunks, or as I like to think about them, two ready-made battery boxes.

Remove the gas tank and another four pack can fit handily. The fuel line and return vent run down the side of the car, making a handy conduit to run the two electric lines from the front battery pack to the controller. It is as if the car was made for conversion to electric. Weight-wise, the spare tire and full gas tank weigh around 160 lbs, the 6 X 4 packs of batteries weigh around 330 lbs, so with an additional 170 lbs on the front end and most of the weight low, I think the car can handle it without front end modification.

The rest of the cells will be squeezed into the former center engine compartment, 24 cells total, 12 per side, of the warp 9 motor in the middle, and the controller, charger, DC to DC converter and perhaps the AC Compressor. Note the wine glass on the roof!

Another view, top side, of where the side saddle 12 packs of Liths will go. That is 60, 200 Amp Hr Cells, or, snap of the fingers "NO YOU DIDN'T!" Well see...