June 19th, 2011 - The Newest Member

Welcome to the newest member of our now-growing Lithium vehicle fleet. My wife, Lori, grew up in the wonderful small seaside town of Madison, Conn. When she was young, her family had a scooter. She loved it! So, one night while reminiscing about her childhood scooter, she asks, “Why don’t they make electric scooters?” I said, I bet they do – a few minutes of Web searching later and the scooter was found. A week later and it sits in our garage and is the perfect runabout for our little waterside town of St. Michaels, Md. We live about a mile outside of town on a nice country lane. St. Michaels is small -- population around 5,000 -- but has everything one could need: grocery store, post office, printer, YMCA, museums etc. It also has many very nice restaurants due to the thriving tourist trade. So the EV scooter is the perfect fair-weather vehicle to run the boy to summer camp, or sailing lessons, drop off some package to mail, or pick up some milk.

The EV scooter has some neat features, like LED lights that are always on for safety, a cute little “Road Runner” beep-beep horn, a wheel drum drive motor, and a battery pack with a handle that easily slides out for charging in your 2nd story walk up, or under your desk all day at work. Some minor downsides: They claim top speed of 30 mph ( I think they meant Kilometers), real top speed around 23 mph, and after some tinkering we discovered that the charging port on the outside of the bike is not connected, I’ll look to fix that later, we have simply been charging by plugging directly into the battery. They also claim a range of 40 miles – have not experimented but I suspect the real range is more like 25 to 30 miles. Still, plenty of trips into town one mile away. All in all, an easy, simple, elegant solution and just plain fun.

Battery pack with a handle that can easily be removed and charged any where with an outlet.

Elecric wheel hub drive, simple. Reminds me of Mr. Porsche's original designs a hundred years ago.

There is also a very short video of my wife Lori and my son Chillian riding on the EV scooter, shortly after Lori picked him up from summer camp in the video section of the web site. The bike is so quiet you can easily have a conversation while zipping along.