It's not the Green, It's the Mean!

I don’t want to build a few cars for a livelihood, 

I want to build an ARMY of knowledgeable and safe EV builders!

My dream is to build a hands-on, intensive EV education program!  If I win this contest the proceeds will go to the establishment of this school (Lori's BMW will be the first hands-on build), with hopes that the curriculum that is developed [...]

At St. Michaels Winery, we have been using an electric vehicle for over three years. It is our Hyster electric forklift. Electric forklifts have been around for many years. This is an ideal application for electric power.[...]

I asked my wife Lori "If I were to convert a car for you, any car ever made in history, what would it be?", she responded almost immediately "One of those early model BMWs". So, well... Here it is!![...]

Welcome to the newest member of our now-growing Lithium vehicle fleet. My wife, Lori, grew up in the wonderful small seaside town of Madison, Conn. When she was young, her family had a scooter. She loved it! So, one night while reminiscing about her childhood scooter, she asks, “Why don’t they make electric scooters?” I said, I bet they do – a few minutes of Web searching [...]

Okay, the parts for the EV 914 have been arriving. Most importantly the 60, 200 Amp Hr, GBS cells. These cells are delivered in "packs" of four. Tightly bound together with metal straps. Before ordering, I made up cardboard [...]

Wow! I am completely humbled. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be selected as a finalist. Thank you Jack and Brian for organizing everything! Thank you Recharge Car! I will do my best to do you proud.[...]

I have purchased a 1973 Porsche 914 for my EV project. The car is in very good running condition and is licensed as an everyday driver. Custom license plate EVSMILE To start the project I have equipped the car with low roll resistant tires (45 psi) [...]